MCA of Chattanooga Christmas Party 2017

The MCA of Chattanooga held their annual Christmas party at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club on December 16, 2017.  It was a magnificent event and full of great fellowship, between the Contractors, and the Associate members!  Bart Bledsoe, President of the MCA of Chattanooga, presented Associate members with awards.  Those awards were to Breeding Insulation and Ferguson, for their commitment to support the MCA of Chattanooga, and their charities.  Leigha King,  David Birchfield, and Katie Burell also received awards for their personal commitment to the MCA of Chattanooga and the programs they participate in.  Judy Gober was presented an award of gratitude, for the 25 years of service she has give the MCA.  Lastly, Bart presented Jacqueline Hammer as the new Executive Director for the Association. 

The night proceeded with delicious food, fun and dancing!  “The Beaters” played for the party, and people took to the floor right away!  Many people could be seen having a great time, and enjoying the company of each other.  The party ended late, and everyone went home safely.  

We look forward to seeing everyone next year, and look forward to your comments on how you thought the event went!